30 Jul 2013

Uploading Mass Housing Estates // Actualització de polígons residencials

17 Jun 2011

lecture La Mina :: Sebastià Jornet + Carles Llop

What do you think about yesterday lecture?

Although it was the only conference that required translation, was one of the most exciting, as Sebastià Jornet imparted a peculiar tone, which helped him develop it in a pleasant way.

Here we can see how formal we were at the final
of Jornet&Llop&Pastor's lecture, yesterday afternoon

After the starting

After have already begun working in the respective projects on mass housing estates in Barcelona (Bon Pastor,Sud-Oest del Besòs and Ciutat Meridiana), we welcome you to this blog, that will try to keep up all days in this Workshop.

In future posts we will leave open the possibility of comment what do you think about the lectures which we have enjoyed from Tuesday to Thursday

What do you expect from this Workshop? and what do you think could be improved ahead of next week?

Surely we will work as hard as we enjoy!